COMExpress - Mail Distribution Service

COM IT has a new service, COMExpress, to help you distribute your message to the College of Medicine, Tucson's community.  We maintain several standard mailing lists for the College including:

  • All College of Medicine-Tucson community (students, faculty, staff, and DCC)
  • All College of Medicine-Tucson MD students only
  • All College of Medicine-Tucson students (MD, undergraduate, and graduate)
  • All College of Medicine-Tucson faculty (UA, DCC, and joint appointments in COM-T)
  • All College of Medicine-Tucson staff
  • All College of Medicine-Tucson voting faculty

The majority of these lists are automatically synchronized with the university's most current workforce data on a daily basis while some lists are manually managed and submitted by requesters. If you are authorized to distribute messages, please fill out the request form to distribute your message to your targeted audience.   

To get the service start, a new requester must submit an authorization letter from his/her supervisor to register as a college registered mail distribution requester.  The authorization needs to be approved by a college administrator before COM IT can process any work request. Please include the following in your request:

  • Subject line
  • Email Message
  • Attachments (if any)
  • Clearly mention the Standard mailing list (see above mailing lists) to which the email has to be sent to.

COM IT is not responsible for any content-related matters. COM IT does not offer proof-reading or spell/grammar check service for your message.  It is important to note that our software currently does not support rich format content creation such as those used in a typical news letter.  

Please respect the guidelines for appropriate use of this service:

Examples of Appropriate Uses

  • Academic departmental information
  • Information about academic support services and academic policies
  • Information about administrative support services and administrative policies
  • General Education Program information
  • General Faculty Information

Examples of Inappropriate Uses

  • Information unrelated to University business
  • Solicitation
  • Promoting political viewpoints
  • Personal information
  • Clinical trial information
  • Surveys that do not serve sanctioned University purposes
  • Messages containing confidential information
  • Emails that violate the Official Email Policy

COM IT reserves our right to deny mail distribution requests when deemed inappropriate.