Zoom Teaching & Student Residency Interviews Studios

Zoom Studio

Discover our state-of-the-art Zoom teaching and Student Residency Interviews studio designed to address the growing need for an enhanced learning and interview environment. Our high-tech studio offers a safe and productive modality for faculty members and MD students alike.

Experience the power of interactive learning and seamless interview sessions, all within a secure and user-friendly one-button click-to-operate setup. Our studio boasts a combination of cutting-edge hardware and software, ensuring exceptional capability and ease of use.

Join us at the COM IT Studio for a transformative teaching and interview experience like never before.

Primarily support COM-T faculty in teaching MD students and assist MD students in conducting their residency interviews.  It can also be used to support grand rounds and remote presentations.  Please be aware that credit-bearing courses in the MD curriculum take priority over all other events and activities.

The Zoom Teaching Studio is located in Rm #3232 in the College of Medicine, Tucson.

The studio is equipped with the following items:

  • 2 X 55" Large Screen TVs
  • PTZ Camera
  • 2 X Shotgun Microphones
  • Soundbar Speaker
  • 2 X LED Lights
  • Adjustable Standing Desk
  • Zoom Room Controller
  • Document Camera
  • Touch Display
  • Whiteboard
  • Whiteboard Camera
  • Laptop and Mouse (*you can bring in your own laptop though we highly recommend using the laptop COM IT provides and maintains)
  • Zoom
  • One drive
  • Browsers
  • Other software needed (*COM IT may or may not able to install all software requested)

​​​​​You can reserve the ZOOM Teaching Studios from the AHSC Resource Scheduling under COM-T Rooms 3232.  Once you reserve the room, please contact us at https://comhelp.arizona.edu to ensure the room is ready for you and a Technician is available to provide support.

COM IT helps clean the studio after each use.  However, faculty are expected to do the cleaning themselves before and after using the studio.  Cleaning materials are provided and placed in the studio and best practices must be followed. 

Cleaning Workstation Steps

Spray the paper towel with the disinfectant then wipe surfaces. Make sure the surfaces are damp but do not saturate the electronics.

  • Wipe keyboard and mouse.
  • Wipe desk surface.
  • Wipe touch surfaces of equipment.

Allow the surface to dry for about 45 seconds.  Always sanitize your hands before use.

Follow personal hygiene and hand washing instructions. https://covid19.arizona.edu/reentry-plan/return-workspaces/personal-hygiene

You can save your files for teaching on a USB drive or Microsoft One Drive.  Once you login the studio laptop using NetID, you can retrieve all your saved files from Microsoft One Drive that is pre-installed on the laptop.  Or insert your USB drive in the computer.  Or you can bring in your own laptop to the studio (we highly recommend using the studio laptop) 

If it is an urgency, call COM IT service desk at (520) 626-8721 between 7:30 am and 5:30 pm, Monday to Friday excluding all holidays and university closure days.  It is always a priority to support you if you have technical problems while you are teaching in the studio.  Or submit a ticket through COMHelp (comhelp.arizona.edu) if it is not an urgency.

We would love to hear your thoughts, concerns, or suggestions with anything so we can improve!  Click HERE to let us know your experience with COM IT studio service!