Education Technology

Our Team is here to support our student's education. We support a variety of systems including: 

MEDLEARN (NetID login required)

MedLearn is a new curriculum and learning management system for students, faculty, and staff at the University of Arizona College of Medicine. Documentation and training videos for students can be accessed at MedDocs.

MEDPORTAL (NetID login required)

MedPortal is a fully-integrated "portal" in which students, faculty, and staff enter one system that manages the entire educational ecosystem and reporting.  A training video for MedPortal is available in Box @UA : Student Training Video 

MEDREPORTS (NetID login required)  

MedReports is our educational reporting system. MedReports provides flexible reports for COM-T's various educational systems such as MedLearn and OASIS. Access to each report is restricted to specific user groups. 

OASIS (NetID login required)  

OASIS is our Online Access to Student Information and Scheduling. Students use it for clerkship schedules, grades, student performance and course evaluations.

SIGNUP.COM is used by the Commitment to Underserved People (CUP) program to schedule clinic opportunities and for students to sign up for CUP hours. Instruction on how to use for CUP are available in MedDocs