MDL classrooms

College of Medicine IT provides support for the classrooms 3113, 3114, 3115, 3116 that are commonly known as the MDL classrooms.

Classrooms 3113 and 3114 have been converted to Zoom Teaching Studios.  Click HERE to learn more about our studio services. 

Classrooms 3115 and 3116, each, has ten student tables. At each table is a computer with a TV monitor on the wall. Each room also has a instructor machine. Displays around the room can either display the student machine or the instructor machine can be projected to all the TV's..

To reserve a MDL classroom, please visit the room scheduler system here:

When reserving MDL Classrooms please specify that IT assistance will be needed. COM-ITS will provide support and guidance when requested.

Please contact the Service Desk at 626-8721 or open a ticket at COMHelp if you have any issues with the equipment in the rooms.