New Fax Service (FaxSIPit)

All UA Fax Lines are being migrated to a Web-Based Fax Service called FaxSIPit by UITS Telecommunications.  

If your fax machine has either stopped receiving faxes or cannot send faxes, it is likely your fax line has been ported over.  Our team can assist you with re-establishing faxing for your department. Please note that it may take 5-10 business days to complete the process. 

You may have received communication from UITS regarding these changes. If not, the following information & training resources may be helpful:

Please Note:

  • Your physical fax machine can no longer send faxes.
  • Outgoing faxes must be sent from the FaxSIPit Portal via Web Browser.
  • Once UITS-Telco provisions your account(s), you can sign in at this URL: 
  • Every College of Medicine Fax Line will be configured to receive faxes in a new UA Box Health Folder made for that corresponding fax number.

  1. Fill out and submit the required UArizona Fax Sign Up form. This will initiate the process with UITS-Telco.
    • If you have more than 5 fax lines to move, download this spreadsheet and email the completed spreadsheet to instead.
    • The following information may be helpful as you fill out this form.

      Field Description
      Admin NetID NetID of the person who should Admin this fax number and associated users
      Primary NetID NetID of the person who should be the primary Receiver/Sender for the fax number
      PoC NetID NetID of the person who will be the point person to discuss this fax number
      HIPAA/PCI Does this fax line need to be secured for HIPAA and/or PCI Compliance
      Dept Department name and/or ID - so we can group the fax number appropriately
      KFS What account should this fax line be associated with (no install charges)

      For HIPAA/PCI, we cannot configure to send to addresses (Box Health folder email is OK). 

      For non-HIPAA/PCI, it's recommended using departmental, @list, or a Box folder email address

      Recip1 What NetID (or email address) should be the primary recipient for inbound faxes?
      Recip2-5 additional recipients, as needed.
      Notification email Where should notification of an incoming fax be sent (no fax contents). Generally only needed when inbound faxes are sent to Box email address(es) 

      For HIPAA/PCI, we cannot configure sending from addresses; sending should only go through portal. 

      For non-HIPAA/PCI, NetIDs, departmental emails, fax machine email addresses, etc. can be used. 

      Sender1-10 What NetID (or email address) for these senders 
      Notes If you have any additional notes, please include them here.
  2. UITS Will request a cut-over date from FaxSIPit.
  3. UITS will notify you of the scheduled cut-over date.
    • Cut-overs will occur at 9 AM on the scheduled cut-over date.
  4. Your Admin account will be created.
    • Admins are appointed for each fax number, or groups of several fax numbers based on submitted information.
    • Admins will have the ability to add/remove users, view reports, add cover pages, move fax numbers from user to user, etc.
  5. After the cut-over, you can use email or web to start faxing.

Since these faxes will be stored in UA Box Health, the following trainings must be completed for everyone needing access to the folder. These trainings can be accessed through the UA EDGE Learning Portal

  1. Information Security Awareness Certification (Annually)
    Course ID: 3315
    Link to training
  2. HIPAA Annual Certification (Annually)
    Course ID: 3302
    Link to training
  3. UA Box Health (Once)
    Course ID: 1460
    Link to training