Wired Network Registration

"Network security has always been a focus for UArizona, but until recently, a clear understanding of what is connected to our wired network is not known. 

The network registration project, which has just begun, will help accomplish this for all wired devices across campus.  After some initial research and feedback from our campus partners, the recent approach taken with our risk assessment program is a good model to approach this project.  Each RCU will be contacted so we may understand their individual network registration needs and if they have special circumstances.    

Network registration provides multiple benefits and is a base for good security practices. 

  •  It identifies who is on the network, much like our wireless network currently captures.
  •  It provides protections from malicious actors or attacks.
  •  Devices do not have the ability to ‘just plug in’ without registration.

This enhanced security embraces best practices as recommended by the ABOR Performance Audit and NIST standards.  If you have any questions or concerns, please reach out to wiredreg-support@list.arizona.edu(link sends e-mail)."

-- from June/July ISO Insider