An exciting way to communicate with IT: COMHelp!

June 25, 2020

COM IT is moving to a new communication web portal, COMHelp (stands for, "Come to us, we will help you!"), to assist you in your IT requests and respond to your ideas and suggestions. COMHelp with its easy to remember URL,, will become the complete IT communication platform where faculty, students, and staff members communicate with IT and receive a timely response and solutions on all services COM IT provides to the College, such as, computer services, server management, networking, software and hardware, MedLearn & OASIS, Security & HIPAA data access, research computing support, Data Warehouse & reporting needs, and anything you need from IT. 

COMHelp is made available by COM IT project team based on feedback from our students, faculty, and staff members and features & functions of the TicketDog system originally created and successfully used by the College of Social and Behavioral Sciences since 2002 to improve the efficiency of communication, documentation, and user experience requesting services from IT.    

COMHelp prides itself on the following exciting features that are carefully designed for you:

  1. An easy-to-remember URL,;
  2. A streamlined ticket submission process that asks for no more than six questions for most tickets;
  3. A clean and user-centered UX design that helps navigate you through every corner of the software;
  4. Mobile-friendly design that supports both IOS and Android devices;
  5. Recorded, documented, and searchable communication with IT;
  6. A highly confidential and customized survey system that allows you to comment on every experience you have with IT once a ticket is closed;
  7. And more…

COMHelp will be available to a few departments to pilot on June 29th, 2020.  The goal is to roll out COMHelp to the rest of the College soon.

For any question you have about IT, just go to and submit a ticket to us from now.  We will take care of your ticket as quickly as we can.  At the same time, our service desk and phone service (520.626.8721) continue to remain available.  However, they are dedicated to your urgent IT requests after the introduction of COMHelp during this Pandemic time.

COMe to us, we will Help you! COMHelp!