Upcoming network core maintenance - July 2nd

June 26, 2020

Please be aware that UITS has scheduled a network core upgrade on Thursday, July 2nd, 2020, 8PM - 2AM . Brief, intermittent network connectivity of less than five minutes may be noticed a few times, during this maintenance window.
For details on the work to be completed, please see below from UITS.

Network Core Device Upgrade and DR testing

Date/time start and duration: Thursday, July 2nd, 2020 FROM 8PM TO 2AM

Services affected: Network connectivity for campus

Work being performed: Upgrading system code on network core infrastructure and verify disaster recovery mechanisms.

Reason for work: Upgrading system code to stay within compliance of vendor code support, address security vulnerabilities, and validate latest core configurations.

Tech performing work: UITS

Anticipated impact to campus: Brief, intermittent network connectivity (less than 5 minutes) may be noticed a few times throughout the duration of the maintenance window as we test failover and redundancy functions.

Worst case campus impact: Outages of several minutes (10 to 15 minutes) could be observed while isolating problematic nodes several times during the window.