Class of 2025 Orientation/Tech Talk event

Aug. 19, 2021

On Monday, July 19th we welcomed the Class of 2025 by introducing them to our IT services and distributing their new iPads.  Thank you to all of you who helped us make this event a success. It was certainly a team effort! 

This year’s iPads are managed by the new MDM system (JAMF). Kudos to the entire JAMF project team for making sure the system was ready. Also to the Asset Management project team for printing labels for the iPads and joining the devices to our new asset management system. Based on feedback from prior classes, this year’s iPads include 128 GB of storage.

Thank you Jasmin for your help purchasing, organizing, and decorating for the event!

Matt Godley, Matthew Vagner, Russell, and Ernesto did a fantastic job helping students navigate through the iPad process.  They really showcased their customer service skills. There were a few issues with WiFi connectivity and you guys immediately looked for solutions. In between sessions, tables were re-arranged to make sure not all students were using the same WiFi access point.

Special Thank You to Russell and Matt G. for putting together a beautiful iPad handbook for the students. It is a great resource and students will be able to access it at any time from their iPad.

Sheila, Alex, and Arturo drove the student’s attention to the MedLearn, MedPortal and MedDocs table. They provided helpful tips to students and even received feedback for future improvements. They also worked many hours making sure the information in MedDocs and the website was complete and accurate.

The Security/HIPAA table hosted by Mario was a popular table! Based on the interactions with students, it was very apparent that we need to include our students in every security campaign.

Carlos “owned” the IT services table. He communicated to the students about services provided and hours of operation. He received every student with a huge smile, exhibiting his excellent customer service skills.

We received excellent feedback from the students and hope to host a similar event every year. 77% of the survey participants recommended the event for future years. Some of the student’s comments were:

  • Staff was very helpful in getting everything set up
  • Very informational
  • Staff were very knowledgeable and friendly
  • Hands-on and informative
  • Helpful staff!!
  • Organized and very nice people working
  • The clear instructions
  • Very Helpful and efficient
  • Everyone was very friendly, patient, and helpful! 

And the feedback from the College leadership is equally excellent as those from students.  The College’s trust and confidence on our exceptional work and service are growing one project by another!

Last but also very importantly, I want to say a special thank you to Winie Blumenkron for her phenomenal leadership bringing everyone of us together, designing the process elegantly, and leading another successful project at COM IT!

In a nutshell, thank you for all the great work!  We are together to make COM IT a wonderful place that we are all proud of working for!