Migration of Analog Fax Lines to Digital FaxSIPit

Jan. 19, 2024

Transition of Fax Lines to FaxSIPIT:

COM ITS is collaborating with UITS on a University initiative to migrate traditional, analog fax lines to a digital service called FaxSIPit.

Email communication for this migration can be found here.

To ensure data security and comply with state and federal regulations, all fax lines in COM-T will migrate using the Box Health option.

To facilitate this migration, please submit a COMHelp ticket and include:  the Department Name, Fax Number, and NetIDs for all users who need access to the folder.  COM ITS will create the Box Health folder, assign permissions, and supply the email address that needs to be provided to UITS to complete the migration.

Please refer the the below websites for additional information:

UArizona Fax Project

UArizona Fax Service - FAQ

UArizona Fax Service - How-Tos

FaxSIP it Demo