FERPA Training

Dear Colleagues,

Last year the Office of the Provost provided guidance regarding FERPA training requirements. For the first time, FERPA training was being administered to all instructors and instructional support teams to ensure adherence across the University. To comply with these requirements the College of Medicine will be implementing technical controls to systems that are under its control beginning with Medlearn.  

On April 28th, 2022, FERPA training will be required to access Medlearn. To avoid disruption to your Medlearn access, please plan to complete FERPA training before then. The University provides two training courses: one for instructors and instructional support teams, and one for staff who do not fall under the first category. Please visit the following page for instructions: https://registrar.arizona.edu/privacy-ferpa/ferpa-training

We have accumulated some frequently asked questions below:

What does this mean for the College of Medicine?

While we don't use D2L as our primary online teaching platform, we do have technologies that we need to protect as they provide the same functionality as D2L. Systems that fall under the FERPA scope will require that faculty, instructors, and instructional support teams participate in this 25-30 minute, one-time training. 

Initially, we will only focus on Medlearn. At a future not yet determined, date here are some of the other systems that will be looked at:

  • ArizonaMed
  • LearningSpace*
  • Oasis


  • Phase 1:
    • Web Communication 
  • Phase 2:
    • Targetted Communications ( 
  • Phase 3: 
    • Medlearn will inform users of upcoming changes.
      • Feb 28th, 2022


  • Phase 4:
    • Medlearn access will be denied if a FERPA training is not complete.
      • April 28th, 2022