Approved (PHI) Solutions

UA Box Health:

UA Box Health is a secure, cloud storage location where you can safely store and share sensitive data. To be granted access to UA Box Health you, and those with whom you share data will need to complete the following training.

You must complete the University of Arizona's HIPAA training available in UAccess Learning.  For more information on HIPAA training, see the

UITS has developed specific training for UA Box Health.  This training is required for access.  This training can also be found in UAccess Learning.  Go to Edge Learning to sign up for the course.

Once you have completed both HIPAA and UA Box Health training, you may request a folder in UA Box Health by putting in a request through Please note, all people accessing our UA Box Health instance need to be University affiliates.  If you need to share with a person outside the University, you can request DCC (Designated Campus Colleague) access from our Human Resources department for that individual. 

IMPORTANT: If you are not affiliated with the College of Medicine, please contact your local IT for assistance with getting your folders created.


The University of Arizona Center for Biomedical Informatics and Biostatistics (CB2) is pleased to be a partner in the REDCap Consortium. The REDCap Consortium is composed of thousands of active institutional partners in over one hundred countries who utilize and support REDCap in various ways. It supports a secure web application (REDCap) designed exclusively to support data capture for research studies and institutional projects. The REDCap application allows users to build and manage online surveys and databases quickly and securely. UAHS currently hosts hundreds of production and development REDCap projects.

To get a REDCap account or to request an estimate on contracting with our team to work on your project, please click on the appropriate link below.

New Account or Contract Work Requests


Online Collaborative Research Environment (OnCore) is a comprehensive, Web-based Clinical Trial Management System (CTMS). It was developed to support investigators and research coordinators as a centralized place to manage all of their study protocols and subjects.

  1. Bi-directional integration with Cerner: Cerner sends demographics information to OnCore, and OnCore sends protocol and subject information to Cerner.
  2. Information sharing: Research teams can access key information: protocols, consent forms, coverage analyses, checklists, participant details, and eCRFs.
  3. Dashboards: Consoles within OnCore provide a clear and comprehensive view of critical information.
  4. Notifications: Automated emails support communication and efficient workflows, including updates to study status, protocol versions, and subject status.
  5. Research management: OnCore enables consistent eligibility and consent tracking, as well as detailed visuals of study-specific calendars, human subject visits, and adverse event tracking.

Please contact sends e-mail) with a copy of your current HIPAACITI Human Research, and Information Security Awareness certificates, as well as a completed OnCore confidentiality agreement. Upon receipt of these documents we will work with you to schedule training for the sessions applicable to your research role(s). After training has been completed, you will receive a time-sensitive email to set up your OnCore access.

Encrypted Storage:

Some storage media including mobile devices, computers, and USB drives may be capable of supporting compliant encryption.

We've been aware of the encryption need and have been proactively encrypting all devices that we manage. Please contact us through with your computer name and we can verify the specifics of your system. 

We do not support the usage of personal devices when working with restricted PHI Data. For more information on encrypting your personal device please visit the following links:

Most commercial USB drives are not encrypted, we've worked with various vendors of encrypted USB drives and can help you select the correct one for your needs. Contact us through and we'll start the process. 


Trellis supports strategic and intentional communications, services, and engagement with students, alumni, parents and families, corporate partners, faculty, and employees across the University of Arizona. The program is part of Pillar 5 of the Arizona Strategic Plan which supports "Institutional Excellence".


DocuWare Enterprise is a secure document management system that can be used by University of Arizona campus units to electronically store, manage and retrieve sensitive unregulated documents.

Fill out the following application:

Zoom for Health:

Zoom for Health is a version of the web-based video conferencing tool with enhanced security.  Zoom for Health is approved by the UA HIPAA Privacy Program to facilitate health-related collaboration.  Use of Zoom for Health is suitable for:

  • Healthcare
  • Health Education
  • Health Data Research

To use Zoom for Health, you must login via the portal at

Encrypted Email(Office365):

While best practices are to redact sensitive information from emails, if there is no other need COM-IT has worked with the privacy office to enable encryption within or email offerings through Office365.

Emails that are known to contain PHI or other sensitive data should be encrypted. 

Controlled and Regulated Research Services Program (CRRSP):

The Controlled and Regulated Research Services Program (CRRSP), housed in University Information Technology Services (UITS), provides and manages secure research services available to UArizona researchers to support projects with security or regulatory requirements. Our mission is to provide these services in an efficient and secure manner so UArizona researchers can focus on the research, and not on maintaining compute and storage environments. These environments will provide researchers computational and storage resources for active controlled or regulated data analysis.  The UArizona HIPAA Privacy Program has assessed the service as compliant to support PHI.  

Cyverse Health:

The University of Arizona Health Sciences Data Science Fellows program places data scientists in research labs to bring projects to life. Image courtesy of the University of Arizona Health Sciences.

CUI Environment

These environments are available to UA researchers when their government contract/award indicating they are working with CUI or contract clauses indicate that NIST SP 800-171 controls are required.